Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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DISCLAIMER - I don't have fm, never did have, really don't know anything about it except what's on this page, so please don't write to  me asking me about it.  I KNOW NOTHING about the condition itself. MY POINT in having this page is to let you know that you MAY NOT have fm, you MAY have a bad case of candida.

I hope you read My Story before you came here, because I'm writing this from my personal experience.

I was fortunate enough to find a doctor who knows all about candida, and who has a 95% success rate. I am living proof of that.

Three acquaintances of mine who believed they had fibromyalgia went to see Dr. Piller, upon my recommendation. When they told him they had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Dr. Piller tested them and discovered that they had candida in the muscles. They did not, in fact, have fibromyalgia.

So he put them on the same recovery program he put me on. It took some six weeks, some three months, but after diligently sticking with the program, none of them now show any symptoms of either candida or FM.

I do believe there is such a condition as fibromyalgia, I just think that too many people are seeking help in the wrong places because they may not actually have it. Muscle testing (kineseology) would confirm a diagnosis of candida - and this part is curable. I know, I know, kineseology is not scientific .... 

Before setting down to write this, I searched the internet to try to find something that would confirm any of this information but couldn't find a single thing. The only thing that I know is that there seems to be a link between the two conditions... those who have FM also have candida, and their condition can be alleviated by getting rid of the candida. But from all that I've read, there is no cure for fibromyalgia... Before you resign yourself to an illness with no cure, find out if what you really have is candida in the muscles.

We all give thanks to Dr. Piller for helping us with the otherwise "incurable" illnesses that we had. All I can say is that if you have been diagnosed with FM, you may actually have a severe form of candida. Dr. Piller can help you.


Aiken SC. Doctor Brice E. Vickery,   Medical Director of SuperNutrient Corporation, has written to me and given me some interesting websites to investigate. This is what he wrote to me:

In the light of our investigations there are some things that should be brought up to date.  For instance a large, large number of people who have fibromyalgia have candida. There is much more to FM than yeast however. If you go to our website you will see that the causes and cure of this conditions have been found - and dealt with with our protocol.  All of these persons are protein deficient and you should also go to This is the spearhead against ALL degenerative diseases. One more thing:  Everyone that has FM has degenerative disk disease - go to  

What you need to know is that our SuperNutrient, Platinum  Plus gets rid of the yeast in the gut and is the most natural way of doing it. so what I am saying is - yes you could put up a link to our site for the Platinum Plus as an additional resource. We've been doing this since 1980. Further more I would be glad to add your page as a link to SuperNutrient IF you put up the REAL strict diet and explain that potatoes, carrots, beets, and corn are not permissible or acceptable in the real nitty-gritty cases!  Having over fifty years experience and knowing that viruses will not be beaten in some cases as long as the yeast is fed makes this necessary. It as you probably know is called the MEVY diet.  Meat-Eggs- Vegetables and Yoghurt.


I did not think that there was a condition that justified a classification there either over five years ago but now say there definitely is. We have broken it down into fibromyalgia, and pre-fibromyalgia. There are commonalities to all cases although some have unique and disastrous ADDED condtions such as lupus!

Every FM person has to have this to start the condition: protein/sulfur deficiency which we found the answer to with our Platinum Plus. But, it is too late for this alone to recover from deficiencies ABCDEFG etc. That is why we developed the protocol for successful treatment with these ingredients - in SPADES!

The reason that many of these people have muscle aches is that they are hypoglycemic, do not convert their protein properly and therefore convert it to sugar, fat, and LACTIC ACID. This condition of high lactic acid is what used to be called rheumatism, lumbago and other general names. They are all protein/sulfur deficient.

Now since sugar make them feel better for a short time the incidence of yeast is high among these people. I am not downplaying the role of yeast but it is usually found in these deficient people since they do not make enough HCL for their stomach ( Hydrochloric acid ) for which they need the amino acids (histidine) and ordinary salt.

The second great cause is that they have DDD (degenerative disk disease) which causes myalgia, neuralgia and a host of trigger points.

Lastly every real case of FM has lymphadenitis ( inflammation of the lymph system ) while pre-fibromyalgia persons do not have this. This is by test and not by guess or symptoms. I did not mention the constants and viruses such as Hep C ( HCV) or metals such as aluminum, mercury etc. When you see this time after time, after time, in hundreds of cases  there is no doubt in your mind - at all. I will be doing more guest appearances on radio talk shows about this condition.

Thank you,


I rec'd an email from someone saying that "That fibromyalgia is usually an infection by mycoplasma/ureaplasma/chlamydia organisms, and that they can be eradicated or at least controlled. Standard medicine is of course clueless about this.  Arthritis and lupus are similarly caused and can be similarly treated and usually cured. See and for information."  


Dr. Vickery writes:  Would you put this book up on your website with the url link?  It saves us over a hundred phone calls a week - and it works!   The URL is  It is in three months - Red Zone - Yellow Zone- GreenZone and gluten is added in the last week of this zone. Two and a half years in the making! Making fibromyalgia success even easier!

After thousands of requests we proudly present the diet book that is so important in many conditions associated with candida and gluten sensitivity.  Now available, 1st edition printed version, on glossy paper, and in full color, this priceless information is available today.

These conditions besides fibromyalgia, and along with sugar overload can, cause allergies, IBS, lowered immune response, hypoglycemia, unrecognized celiac disease, Crohn's disease, CFS and - the now recognized reason that some persons do not have even one good day in the first month--- mal-absorption syndrome. Thickened and inflamed bowel can prevent the best of nutrients that we are providing from being absorbed and utilized.  When "The Two Edged Sword Diet "book is ordered with the FM Intensive Starter Package there is no extra shipping charge!

DISCLAIMER - I don't have fm, never did have, really don't know anything about it except what's on this page, so please don't write to  me asking me about it.  I KNOW NOTHING about the condition itself. MY POINT in having this page is to let you know that you MAY NOT have fm, you MAY have a bad case of candida.

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