Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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The Dr. of Naturopathy who helped me regain my health also is a Kineseologist.  Prior to visiting him, I had heard of, and mocked, muscle testing.  However, the doctor used this to determine the extent of my candida problem and all the other ailments I had, and to determine which products and how much of each I would need to recover.

Since that time I have learned more about kineseology and it's truly the single most fascinating thing I have ever witnessed.

My summary follows.

To be tested by muscle testing, extend your right arm. Have someone facing you put their right hand on your left shoulder. They press down on the extended arm, holding the wrist. This establishes your strength and balance using the deltoid muscle.  It does not matter if the person being tested extends the right or the left.  

From this point on the tester puts his hand on the different parts of the body he wants to test, or the person being tested can actually put his/her own free hand on a body part.

I've read lots about this (Your Body Doesn't Lie, by John Diamond, MD is a classic, and Power vs Force by David Hawkins, MD, is one which will blow your mind). I have seen my own Dr. of Naturopathy use it on dozens of my family and friends.

Don't knock what you don't understand. I didn't make this up! In fact, remember that I ridiculed it for YEARS before I had it done on myself.

The other test spots I remember are the following:

belly button - candida
throat (jugular)- thyroid
right side of throat - parathyroid (sort of to the right of the Adam's apple, but not quite under the ear)
hair - protein digestion
collar bone - sufficient calcium
gall bladder
etc. etc.

If you want to read some of my personal experiences with muscle testing, CLICK HERE!!

Do this in a fairly quiet, focused environment - not in front of the TV with the kids screaming for your attention. Neither the tester nor the testee should smile. There's a whole art to doing it right for the right results.

You can also do it by affirmations, i.e. saying a statement like "my name is xxx". Your arm will remain extended and firm if this is a truth. Then say "my name is Michelle" and push on the extended arm. It will weaken. Oprah had this done on her show, and was amazed.

So you can actually test for things like "I should take estrogen" and see how your body reacts.

UPDATE, February 8, 2004

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dr. Elizabeth Barhydt.  She and her husband were visiting friends of mine.  She was kind enough to spend a couple of hours with me explaining different things about the muscles, and actually did things to me that made me relax, relieved pain immediately, and removed stress from specific recent situations in my life.  I have ordered the two books from her website (Update Dec. 2014 - her website was, now discontinued).

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