Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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Understanding the Program

If you have ever had to go on a diet before, you know how difficult it is. You know that all you think about is food. And usually you think about what you CAN'T have.

On this program you need to focus on getting well and making your body healthy and happy. You will feed it good things and it will thank you for it. Every single time you even THINK about putting a grain of sweetness in your mouth, think about the candida saying "yeeeeaaah!" and multiplying and multiplying. The idea is to STOP FEEDING the candida.


Yes, you will have cravings. But that is the candida talking. It wants to be fed.

You will have cravings for sugar, starch and chocolate. Your cravings for chocolate can be alleviated by taking a copper supplement. There are things you can take for the starch cravings too, but since I am not a doctor I won't go into that.

Sometimes when you crave sweetness, it can be satisfied by eating something salty. Now, salt is allowed, and you could possibly even have some corn chips or potato chips to get by. But remember that you want to keep your starchy food count low... 'cause starch converts to sugar...


The times I got really discouraged was when I was either hungry or craving something, and I would open all the cupboards and see all the foods I couldn't have. This would make me just cry. I had just bought a huge grocery shop prior to going on the program and I could eat none of it. I didn't know what to do. I was going to bed hungry and waking up in the night looking for something to eat.

But all that is because I didn't know HOW to grocery shop, and I didn't know how to stock up my cupboards with foods I COULD eat. That's where you can make a difference and make it easy on yourself.

Grocery Shopping

Snacking is the biggest challenge dieters have. Just what CAN you eat between meals? And what CAN you have that will satisfy the sweet cravings?

Here are some ideas - and you make sure you read my recipes link to know just what you CAN have, ok?

Popcorn (make it yourself in oil, add salt - avoid pre-packaged stuff)
Nuts - all kinds of nuts, cashews, almonds, filberts, pecans, walnuts but not peanuts or pistachios
Raw Cashews - at Health Food Store - to use in my homemade "cheese" recipe
Rice Cakes - yeah they taste like styrofoam, so put on some
Cashew Butter or
Sunflower Seed Butter or
Almond Butter - these are available at health food stores
Carob Chips, unsweetened. This is GREAT for a chocolate craving... snack on them alone or combine them with
Sunflower Seeds and
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Rice Crackers, found in the Chinese food section
Walker's Fine Oatcakes without sugar (available in Canada, imported from Scotland but not easily available in US, I found). Click here to see package label. In Canada we buy them in the cracker section of the grocery store.
Rice Dream - if you allergic to dairy (and even if you're not, it has less natural sugar than milk). Use it on cereal and in baking. Cereal? Just a couple...
Shredded Wheat cereal - it's the only one with no sugar
Fibre 1 cereal - available in Canada, it's like bran cereal but with no sugar (as opposed to Fibre First, which is loaded with sugar - you Canadians be careful here)
Fresh Veggies - red peppers, celery, asparagus, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, onions, carrots, spinach leaves - see where I'm going with this - make raw veggies & dips, soups, salads, quiches...
Yogurt, plain, unsweetened - makes a great veggie dip - and great caesar salad - use this in all recipes that call for buttermilk or sour cream from now on (barring an allergy to dairy)
Millet, Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat Groats - say what? Well, I have recipes that use these things and so will you if you buy the best book, The Body Ecology Diet.
Bread - any kind except sourdough and fruity breads. You CAN have bread as long as it's well toasted, remember.
Tomatoes - the only "fruit" you're allowed so enjoy it on toast with some salt, pepper and basil for a delicious snack or lunch.
Eggs - Buy lots of eggs because they are great on the candida diet (quiches, scrambled, fried, you name it... mix it with a little yogurt and s & p and you have great egg salad)... and you will need lots of eggs to do experimental baking. Most dessert recipes have lots of eggs in them, they are torte-like cakes.
Stevia powder and liquid - health food store items. You don't need a lot, just a few tablespoons of the powder, and one jar of the liquid. You only need ONE DROP in a cup of coffee, for example... and 1/4 tsp of the powder in baking to equate to 1 cup. I'm going to be putting more recipes online as I experiment.
Artificial Sweeteners - If you want to experiment with "desserts" you can use Equal and Nutrisweet but they aren't very good for your if you believe what you read about them. Personally I can't use them because they disagree with me so I haven't done a lot of cooking with them. But if you look at the diabetic recipes on the Internet you will find something to try.
Cornstarch - make sure you have some on hand because it's better for you as a thickener than wheat is. Wheat feeds yeast so be careful about that.
Decaffeinated Coffee - oh, go on. Try some freshly ground "swiss chocolate almond" flavoured beans... you'll be amazed at how good it tastes.
Herbal Teas - great for after dinner, lunch, and with a snack. Get used to it.
V8 - the only juice that has no sugar! It's delicious.
Club Soda - bubbly water sure tastes better than tap water.
Blue Corn Chips - nice change to regular potato chips
Potato Chips, Corn Chips - read the ingredients and make sure it says "potatoes / corn, salt, oil". Nothing else. Not peanut oil or coconut oil either. Keep the starches down as much as you can... but go ahead and have some to get over the hump.
Unsweetened chocolate
- yeah, I know you aren't allowed caffeine... but if you ARE going to cheat on this diet, having caffeine is far less harmful to your candida than feeding it sugar... but don't abuse it and think it's allowed, it's better to NOT have buy some squares and this will see you through the beginning of the program when you are not used to not having dessert
Gelatin - have some on hand because I have some recipes that use it (chocolate "fudge" and homemade "cheese")
Ancient Grains Pancake Mix - possibly only available in Canada, click here to see label.

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