Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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The Parathyroid (for more info, visit

The sole purpose of the parathyroid glands is to control calcium within the blood in a very tight range between 8.5 and 10.5. In doing so, they also control how much calcium is in the bones, and therefore, how strong and dense the bones are.

When the parathyroid shuts down -- stress causes this -- then you don't get enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break the calcium down. This provides the perfect environment for candida to grow.

Going on the candida diet and taking the Formula 722 pills will be to no avail if your parathyroid and/or parotid gland is not working.

How can you tell if it's working? Muscle testing, or kineseology, is a quick and simple way to test it. It's not scientific and of course these methods would be refuted by "medical professionals".  Personally, I have found that a kineseologist can provide me with just as or more accurate diagnoses as medically trained professionals.  

What do can you do to make it function again? There are two products that I am aware of, because I had to take both of them (not at the same time, but when I ran out of one, the doctor put me on a different one). One is called Parathyroid and it's made by Rajuuva. The other is called Parathyrolate and Progressive Laboratories makes it. I know that Dr. Piller's office, The Naturopathic Center, sells it but I do not have time to research where else you can get it. If you find out; you can let me know and I'll include it here.

1.  Amazon (click the link below to go directly to Amazon and make your purchase). Please note that even though the Canadian links are associated with Amazon Canada, almost always the products are shipped from the USA. Links to both Amazon Canada and Amazon USA are included.

Temporarily unavailable from

May 2017
Temporarily unavailable from

May 2017


2.  Homeopathic Center, (Dr. Piller's Office, Dr. Piller now retired), Dr. Bruce Blinzler,


To learn more about the parathyroid's function, read here:

The Parotid

The parotid gland is responsible for the first stage of starch digestion.  I'm not sure exactly where it is ... near the jaw or in the neck. You can ask Dr. Piller's office if you want to do muscle testing for it.  At some point I was not digesting my starches so he put me on 2 per day (one in the morning and one at night) of this product. You can now buy it at Click the link below to go directly to to make a purchase.

  Temporarily not available from nor (May 2017)

Betaine Hydrochloric Acid

If you do have a problem with your parathyroid, you are likely not digesting proteins, as mentioned elsewhere.  Betaine Hydrochloric acid will help create acid in your stomach. 

Take Betaine with meals to help digest proteins.  You want to get a brand that has TABLETS, as opposed to encapsulated pills.  Encapsulation will cause the betaine to wait until it is in the intestinal tract before starting to work, and you don't want this. You want the Hcl to start working in the stomach. I took the Standard Process brand from the USA, and I cannot tell if the Natural Factors brand is in tablet form or not.

Temporarily not available from nor (May 2017)

Remember that calcium is a protein, and it needs acid to digest.  Therefore, if you are not digesting proteins, you are not getting enough calcium either!  This is crucial.  Consider taking pre-acidified liquid cal-mag to get calcium into your body. This will help your muscles relax, and will help you sleep if you suffer from insomnia, as I did.  I did not include any links to this because you will need to shop around to find a brand that does not contain sweeteners.

Good Nutrition

"Treating the vagina alone is often a waste of time and money," says William Crook, M.D., author of The Yeast Connection and the Woman and a physician in Jackson, Tennessee. "Although vaginal suppositories may help, we also need to concentrate on putting the right things in your body to take care of the source of the problem."

It says here "But since these medications (i.e. Monistat) won't kick candida out for good, and since yeast infection recurrence is common, doctors say you have to be a bad host if you want to stay yeast-free."

And you know what they mean by this? It means you are responsible for maintaining a sugar-free yeast-free diet with acidophilus for a healthy intestinal track. So for all of you who keep asking me "Do I HAVE to go on the diet? Is there any other way?"


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