Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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Breakfast & Snacks


You need to break out of the rut of believing there are only grains & fruit for breakfast. Remember that this planet is FILLED with foods that we can eat at any time of the day. Your stomach doesn't care what time of day it is when it's hungry. It just wants to be fed.  So what's wrong with having a bowl of soup for breakfast? What's wrong with boiling up some asparagus during asparagus season, and having butter & seasoning salt on it?  That's what I did. In fact, to this day, I still try to avoid fruit & grains for breakfast... I notice I don't have any sweet cravings in the mornings, and it helps me to control my weight, too.

I eat ANYTHING for breakfast... stir fry, reheated leftovers, soups, salads, homemade eggrolls.... whatever. I tell people OPEN THE FRIDGE and see what's there, rather than opening the pantry cupboard.  See some eggs?  Have an omelet.  See some leftovers?  Cook 'em up!  See some soup?  Heat it!  

We have been brainwashed, or conditioned into believing we need grains, grains, grains, and fruit, fruit, fruit... well, I don't eat much of either. Don't tell me I'm going to get scurvy, that's crap (pardon me). I hardly have had any fruit in my entire life and I'm deathly allergic to apples so fruit is a big turn-off for me.  I have to be sooo careful in case there is apple-anything in my food (pot lucks are a killer!).  My dad is slim and healthy and hasn't eaten any fruit in his whole life. I guess I get it from him.

And grains?  Well, don't we all just love homemade bread... mmmmm.... yeah, well, consider that all those grains are making you heavy!  What???  Yes, it's the same ol' saying I tell everyone that Dr. Piller told me:  What do you feed a pig when you want to fatten him up??

If you HAVE to have your share of grains for whatever reason, then you CAN have it. Remember whole grains are allowed, they must be well cooked/heated/toasted and eaten hot. They are allowed in SMALL quantities and in moderation... So you CAN have your slice of toast if you insist.

But you won't see me eating it for breakfast if I can help it.  Remember that when you eat grains to start your day, you're affecting your insulin levels.  You are also tantalizing your tastebuds for carbs (which convert to sugar, don't forget)... and you will crave even more carbs before lunch time rolls around.

So do yourself a favor. Try to eat something else for breakfast.  Remember - there are a million foods on the planet... so keep out of the breadbox and see where your imagination takes you. Your body will thank you for it. I promise.


I'm not a snacker.   And remember you should not be eating more than 50 gm of carbs per day.  So if you want "snacks" make sure you are still within the carb limit.

Here are my suggestions:   

Raw veggies with a dip made from plain yogurt (allergy to dairy??) with spices...   Remember that yogurt is not all it's cracked up to be when it comes to the candida diet - it contains lactose and naturally occurring sugars.  READ THE LABEL on the yogurt. In Canada we can get plain yogurt that has a nominal sugar count, but I have found NOTHING in the USA that even compares.  Try to avoid it or eat it sparingly.  You can always dip your fresh veggies in a salsa-type dip - if it has vinegar in it, heat it up. If it has sugar, avoid it.  But make your own with a food processor - put some green & red peppers in it, some lemon juice, a zuccini, an onion, some fresh tomatoes ... mmmmm...

Potato chips (no preservatives)

Home popped popcorn

Corn chips with homemade sugarless salsa 

Trail Mix - make your own with cashews, almonds, unsweet carob chips, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds   

Homemade Trail Mix is awesome!  (Click for enlarged photo)

Try my carob oatmeal cookies from my recipes link...

Now.  The thing about snacks is - what's so different from a snack than from a small meal?  Why not make a batch of mini muffins... muffins are easy and fast and you can make them with no sugar or use sugar substitute... make them healthy, i.e. with wheat bran and oatmeal.   Have a piece of toast with homemade mayo and sliced tomato, with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and basil...   Have a bowl of soup!   Make some gaspatcho (sp?) and have it on hand in the fridge all the time... just keep adding to it...   Fry up some zuccini, put onion salt on one side, flip them at half time and put basil, celery seed and pepper on the other... mmmm....   

There are a million foods on the planet. I'm sure if you open the fridge, open a cupboard, take a walk down the food aisle in the grocery store, you can come up with something.   How about a triscuit with melted cheddar (in the microwave)?   How about a triscuit, with some canned salmon mixed with homemade mayo, some celery, some green onion & spices?   How about opening a can of smoked oysters?   I think when people think of snacks, they think of junk food.   But omit that from your mind and think of all the foods that exist... and pick one!   

Hope this generates some ideas for you.   


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