Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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Diet alone won't work
Diet alone won't work
Diet alone won't work

If you want to try to rid yourself of candida, get serious. The diet alone would take you six months to two years. With no cheating! Forget it.

The doctor I went tested me with a product called Formula SF-722, that looked like vitamin E pills.  I took two with every meal.

Formula SF722 is manufactured by Thorne Manufacturing, and it consists of undecenoic acid which is derived from the castor bean plant.

This is a fatty acid.  The candida don't like fatty acids, so by taking this with your low-carb high-protein sugar-free meal, the candida will stay away from what you ingest, and eventually die of starvation because you're not feeding it.

There is no cure for candida, there is no drug, pill, liquid or supplement yet that will actually kill the beast. That is why it is so hard to get rid of it.  You have to let it "die off" which means NOT FEEDING IT.

Let's face it, everything has some form of natural sugar in it, therefore how can you get rid of these multiplying beasts if you keep feeding them? This is where the Formula SF722 really helps ... it keeps the candida at bay so you can at least eat.  There are other products available such as coconut oil, oil of oregano, but I never heard of these back in 1995 and I only did what my doctor recommended.  I took the SF722 with each meal, and I took acidophilus, 2 three times a day on an empty stomach.  I also had caprylic acid on hand, so I took one with each meal. Maybe that helped.  It certainly didn't hurt.

I've included a copy of the diet with this website, as well as a typical day of eating...


Other candida killers that I am aware of include black walnut and caprylic acid. If you want to try this on your own, these two items are available at any health food store. You probably already know that you should be taking acidophilus as well, but keep in mind the latter are not candida busters, they simply help to multiply the good bacteria. The best acidophilus to get is Primadophilus, which is enteric coated, which means it won't break down until it gets to your intestines, where it will do the most good.


THE BEST BOOK is called "The Body Ecology Diet" by Donna Gates. It's very strict, of course, which Dr. Piller's diet isn't by comparison, but it does include a myriad of recipes which are delicious, and excellent information on how the body WORKS. You can even do the candida questionnaire online.  There are recipes in this book and foods allowed which I know Dr. Piller would not approve of.  Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is a source of contention, because Dr. Piller says 'vinegar is vinegar' and must be heated to be allowed.  Still, it's a great reference if you're on  quest to recover your health.

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