Candida Recovery:  My Personal Experience
By Karen Tripp

May 2008
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The Products
I do not care where you buy your products from.  The links below do not provide me with any commission, bonus, or discounts.  If you know of any other sources, I'll be happy to include them here. 
As of October 2006, you can finally buy the Formula SF722 through Amazon, and from this site I do generate a very small commission.  If this bothers you, then please order it from any other place.  See my note on the Suggested Books link.

 **NEW!** (December 2014)
There are now links to Amazon Canada,
as well as
Amazon USA.  I have done this to make it easier for you to choose where you shop, in consideration of rates of exchange, shipping sources, and potential customs delays. Canadians, be aware that many of the items ship from the USA in any case.


1.  Probiotics

The first supplement you should be taking is a probiotic. There are lots on the market, and the best should be purchased from a health food store, in the refrigerator section.

There are lots of brands of probiotics, and you want to get one that is encapsulated, so that it doesn't break down until it gets into the intestinal tract.  Take two, three times a day, preferably on an empty stomach. A good brand is Nature's Way Primadophilus.

NEW:  November 12, 2009 - I am adding a link to the Amazon website, since many people write to ask me where to buy this.  At home I can purchase it at the health food store but not all health food stores carry it, evidently.


2.  Thorne's SF722

The product Dr. Piller put me on is called formula SF722.  It is undecenoic acid.  This is a fatty acid.  Candida donít like this type of acid, so by taking 2 with each meal, you deter the candida from feeding on what you ingest. 

These pills DO NOT KILL the candida per se, but they keep the candida away.  Itís up to you to do the diet as diligently as you can, so as not to feed the candida.  Dr. Piller drew a picture for me with his hands, as he described to me how candida survive Ö it only takes one little raisin to feed the yeast, and once you feed it, it multiplies, and mmuullttiipplliieess, and mmmuuullltttiiipppllliiieees.  As he motioned with his hands, I was able to visualize the  candida proliferating with every mouthful of sugar I would put in my mouth.  That description was a great motivator for me, because every time I looked at something with sugar in it, I visualized the candida multiplying, and it was the greatest deterrent of all.

Remember that the candida want to be fed and when you have cravings, itís not necessarily you having the cravings, itís the candida wanting to be fed.  Donít be so hard on yourself if you give in to temptation, but remember that every time you do, you set yourself back a LOT Ö maybe back to Day 1, maybe back a week Ö but ask yourself if you want to start over every time you cheat Ö I knew I didnít.  I didnít want to ever do this diet again and I was bound and determined not to give in to the candida.

Where can you get the Formula SF722 by Thorne?


If the Formula SF722 is not available at the time you wish to order, you can substitute "Undecyn" (Amazon USA).


1. They are available from The Naturopathic Center,  Dr. Kenneth Piller's office. (Note as of September 2014, Dr. Piller is no longer practising, however, is partner is still there, Dr. Bruch Blinzler.)  Dr. Piller was my doctor.  I did what he advised, no cheating.  

1A.  NEW  - 2/16/2014 - I just received an email from Karen S., who informs me that both the Para Thyrolate and Thorne's Formula SF722 can be purchased online from Thanks, Karen!

2.I phoned the counsellors at and they sell the product, but they will not just dispense it to anyone who asks for it. You must speak to a Nutritional Counsellor. There is no charge for the call, but in the interest of good healing they like to share other information they have and, if needed, add probiotics, or other additional enhancing protocols. The three of them have over 100 years of clinical experience in this field. They have been privileged to work with Dr. Sherry Rogers, a leader in treating candida, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue etc., and Dr. William Crook (author of The Yeast Connection). They sell many other supplements and books dealing with these conditions at reduced prices.  Their phone number is 1-800-634-1380. I was impressed by them.

3.  11/2000 I got in touch with Kombucha Power's website.  Quote:  "We have been carrying Thorne products for about 3 years now and are very confident that that are the very best supplements on the market today.  Anyone call us toll free at 1-800-862-1353 or 305-251-9630.  The page that has SF722 on it is

John M. Novar
Pinecrest, FL

4.  11/2000: I found this site online:

5.  04/2001: I rec'd an email from Scott Monk, D.C., who says he uses similar procedures to Dr. Piller and also sells the SF722 product, and is willing to let people in the Centennial, Colorado area know they can get help through him.

Dr. Scott Monk (updated July 16, 2007)
8719 E Dry Creek Rd
Suite B
Centennial, CO 80112

Phone:  303-224-3545

6. Thanks to a friend on the Internet, I have been advised that there is a place in England which sells them (this info updated Dec. 15, 2000, thank you, Gina):

Health Interlink Ltd, Interlink House, Unit B, Asfordby Business Park, Welby, Milton Mowbray LEICESTERSHIRE    LE14 3JL

Fax number for England is 01664  810012, telephone 01664 810011.

7.  I found this site which you can try as well.

8. (February 2006) In New Zealand & Australia:  The contact formerly available in Australia is no longer valid.  You may order from New Zealand and have the product shipped to Australia.  Quote:

Quote from Mr. Amal Karl:  "At FxMed we have several enquires about Candida treatment and SF722. People may call or email our Technical Services Manager directly ( if they have questions. Our technical manager is a naturopathic doctor from the USA who has experience treating Candida, and is more than happy to discuss treatment options, as well as share articles and any other information, to help people regain health."

Functional & Integrative Medicine
, New Zealand
Ph: +64 6 843 9370
Freephone NZ: 0800 439 633
Freephone Aus: 1800 770 904

9.  In Canada

Here is a list of pharmacies in Vancouver that carry the Thorne products. 

MacDonalds Prescription - 604-738-0733
Finlandia Natural Pharmacy - 604-733-5323
Semperviva - 604-739-1958
MJ's Natural Pharmacy - 604-323-1293

NEW - July 2009 - I got this message from Dayna in Victoria.

"Today I thought I would call a couple of health food stores that have been really helpful to me in the past in terms of sourcing product.
They advised me that "in Canada you must be a naturopath to sell Thorne Research product." Which was a GREAT tip since I have recently found a naturopath who also has a store-front. I called there and he answered and spoke with me for at least a half hour. He is going to place an order for me tomorrow. He too said that the anti-fungals are never going to work. (at the end of our conversation I found out that he wasn't even open today - just answered the phone because he had stopped in the shop for something). Do I count my blessings? absolutely! :-)

Anyway - the shop is called "Simple Remedies" 1010 Cook St, Victoria, 250-380-1223. They sell all sorts of herbal and natural products including pure vegetable glycerine used in many candida recipes. In addition to the many remedies they sell, people can also book appointments with the naturopath there.They really have been terrific to me. Hopefully this will also result in obtaining the SF722."

9A.  In Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
October 17, 2017 - I received this email from Bob L who agreed to let me share his story.

Hi Karen,

Just read parts of your blog and found that your experience is similar to mine. Doctors (5) were useless. They either knew nothing or didnít have time to help. Finally found Dr Kevin Jackson who saw me for an hour and filled in all the blanks re diet and suggested the Thorne Formula SF722. He is a wonderful person and a Naturopath.

That was two weeks ago and am feeling much better and have started to gain weight. I had lost twenty pounds and was losing muscle mass and getting sicker before seeing Dr Jackson. I use a diet similar to yours without and grains or flours. I had tried a much stricter diet but got nowhere until I started the Thorne product. I also find the tea Pau DíArco really kills Candida.

Just decided to write as I saw that you were from BC. You can certainly refer people to Kevin in Victoria if you want. He also sells the Thorne products.

Best Regards, Bob L

10. The manufacturer of the product is Thorne Manufacturing, and you can visit their website at Click on Physician and Pharmacy Online, then click on Patient Order Form. Formula SF-722 comes under the Gastrointestinal section. You will need Acrobat Reader, downloadable at their site. Presumably you print the form, fill it out manually, and mail it in.

11. (NEW, Sept. 2001).  They say - quote - "You are welcome to link your site to Bayho sells SF722 here  and all Thorne research supplements.  Our business practice is certified by with report and customer comment posted here.  

They do not need to speak to me or consultation with me for products, however, if they do not know about it, a simple consultation can be offered here.

But if the customer need details consultation, a membership will be offered here.


Dennis Chan, PharmD
US Order Phone: 1.877.MY.BAYHO
Worldwide Phone: 1.858.483.5088
US Fax: 1.800.878.4795
Worldwide Fax: 1.815.371.4142" unquote

12.  Austin, Texas:, quote:  "My approach involves a three pronged program involving desensitization (BioSet), enzyme supplements (Chirozymes-Dr. Loomis), and detox (homeopathics), if needed. Of course, I also throw in some basic chiropractic and kinesiology for good measure."

13.  February 2002, an email came to me with this address from, you can check out this link:

14.  North Carolina:  April 1, 2003, I received this message from an herbalist.  Quote: "What fascinated me about your story was that many women that came to my classes learned to cleanse the body with herbs and foods and then started eating natural foods and became healthier, happier, and more productive.  Apparently you have found that out.  Really proud to know you. May God bless you always ... P.S. I have a health food store in Sylva, NC.  My office is used for private consultation sessions and one side of the store is set up as a classroom for teaching natural healing and the alternatives.  The name of the store is "Your Herbalist".  If you or any of the people that contact you have questions about the alternatives, feel free to email or call me at (828) 586-0775.  David (

15.  (February 2005):  A doctor now practising in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area writes:

"Dear Karen, I contacted you once before several years ago.  My name is Dr. Annalee Kitay ( I send patients to your website all the time for your fabulous diet.  I have been working very successfully with people that have candida using Biotics ADP and my treatment combined with your diet.  Patients do not have to do the diet any longer then 30 days if they follow the program correctly.   I  just moved to Florida and see patients in Boca Raton, Margate, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida; as well as Jackson and Livingston, New Jersey every month. If you know of people in those two states they are welcome to call me with questions. at 1888-456-0065 or you can refer them to my website.  Thank you for the wonderful service that your are providing with your diet.  Sincerely, Dr. Annalee Kitay

I wrote to Dr. Kitay and asked if she could supply the Formula SF722 product, and this was her response:  

Dear Karen,  can supply the SF722 , however Biotic's ADP can get rid of the yeast 99% of the time in 30Days.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  ....and thank you,  Dr. Annale Kitay,

16.   (September 2005):  A chiropractor practising kineseology in the San Jose, California area writes:

"I started the program because I was searching for help for myself, and medical doctors didn't have any idea what to do when all lab tests came back negative.  I now use these methods in my practise.

We use Applied Kineseology muscle response testing with bio-resonance tubes to detect possible candida, parasites and other germs and we confirm the AK results with the Great Smokey Laboratory (one of the best technology labs).  Possible heavy metal can be detected thru Doctor's Data with a urine challenge test and we use oral DMSA to chelate metal toxics. Heavy metals make a good environment for bad germs to live in human tissue. The most important concept is to give only what body wants, which is detected thru using AK.  Not just thru phone consultation or information from internet websites.  Because candida symtoms and other germ symptoms are very similar and it is very important to use the proper supplements with specific bacteria .  We use Thorne products, standard process whole food supplements and APEX homeopathy."

Dr. Song Choi DC
2910 Stevens Creek Blvd Suite 209
San Jose, CA 95128

17.  (Updated Feb. 10th, 2008) - Thanks to Karen P., she sent me this link  Do a search for formula sf722 and you will go straight to it.

18.  (Updated June 8, 2010) - Thanks to Jan, she sent me the following information:

"Hi, I just bought some from for $19.00, plus 20%  off enzymatic therapy plus free shipping.  My total was $15.20  this  place is in Florida.  They have good high quality stuff.  Jan"

19. You can also do a telephone consult with Dr. David B. Schlesinger and order them through him, or through his website at When visiting that link, please read the information carefully and consider investigating the support remedies and supplements referred to on that page. They offer several other supplements of very high quality and efficacy (Molybdenum Picolinate, Pantethine, Iso Cort, Complete Thymic Formula) which greatly assist the body in its battle with yeast overgrowth. They also offer a very comprehensive, proprietary Candida Clearance Rotation Protocol (which incorporates SF-722). Since many of you are trying to "cure yourselves" without the benefit of visiting a doctor in person, it is worth investigating. Dr. Schlesinger's experience is that SF-722 works much more effectively and is much less likely to produce die-off reactions when used in combination with some of these support remedies. Please note that this was not my doctor and I did not follow this program.

UPDATE (April 2000): Dr. Schlesinger sent me the following information:


"I'm available for free telephone consultation (10 minute or less), first come, first served, to candida / fibromyalgia sufferers every week on the following days and times:

Mondays 6:00-8:00 PM, Pacific Time
Tuesdays 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time
Thursdays 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time

Our phone number is (530) 876-1176

I've been doing this for the last four months and people are generally very happy to get some professional advice free of charge. Should you decide to post this info on your site, please let folks know that it may be a good idea to check out our site before contacting me It provides them with a little more background before we start our conversation."



Other candida killers that I am aware of include black walnut and caprylic acid. If you want to try this on your own, these two items are available at any health food store. You probably already know that you should be taking acidophilus as well, but keep in mind the latter are not candida busters, they simply help to multiply the good bacteria. The best acidophilus to get is Primadophilus, which is enteric coated, which means it won't break down until it gets to your intestines, where it will do the most good.


THE BEST BOOK is called "The Body Ecology Diet" by Donna Gates. It's very strict, of course, which Dr. Piller's diet isn't by comparison, but it does include a myriad of recipes which are delicious, and excellent information on how the body WORKS. You can even do the candida questionnaire online.

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